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John & Friends

John & KJ - Jive Masters Finalists

John, KJ & Linda - BritRoc Double Trouble Champions

John & KJ

Shades! - Double Trouble Champions

Shades! - Stills from the Ceroc Video 2001

Shades! - Warming up at Blackpool 2001

John & Donna - Lifts

John & Donna - Drops


Please note - the pictures below are all pretty old. I was experimenting with my new camera - not all of them are of great quality.

If you find a picture of yourself that you don't like please let me know and I will delete it.

Please check with the venue owner and the people in the picture and me before copying these pictures and using them anywhere else.

If you want any of the original images (about 350K each) just send me an e-mail asking for them - click right on the pictures in your browser and get the filenames so you can be specific about which images you want. Netscape will tell you the name straight away, with Explorer left click on "Save picture as..." then you can read the name and cancel the "save".

Most of the images in the gallery are just reduced to 600 x 450 and saved at "high" JPEG quality rather than "max" so that they are mostly around 60K each. Some I have cropped and some I have adjusted the contrast slightly. All depends how much time I have - too busy dancing usually!

Blackpool - UK Open Jive Competition - March 2nd 2002

Jive Hive, Canterbury, January 2002

Nottingham - New Year's Eve 2001

Ceroc Nantwich, Christmas 2001

Blitz Sheffield, Christmas 2001

Ceroc Nottingham (West Bridgford), Christmas 2001

Ceroc Northampton, Christmas 2001

Marcus Garvey, Ceroc Nottingham, Christmas 2001

Blitz, Stockport Town Hall Dec 2001

Rye November 2001 (Updated 24th December to improve quality.)

Ceroc Norwich Charity Marathon - Saturday 20th October 2001

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John & Donna - Drops - Large Images