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50 Cool Moves
Add some pizzazz!
How to make your partner smile!

This amazing collection includes many of Johnís Signature Moves that you wonít find anywhere else, plus lots of ideas to add some pizzazz to your dancing skills.

Make your freestyle flashy and fun!

Sold Out

Catering for all experience levels, these 12 routines include bonus moves, variations, and interesting entries & exits. The moves vary from simple to complex, from fun to serious, and include some cool drops and lifts.

12 Routines:

  • Spooning
    • Tea Bag
    • Lady Lift
    • Rotating Body Rolls
    • Scissor Kicks
  • Going Up
    • First Move Jump/Pose
    • First Move Jump Kneel
    • First Move Jump Sit
    • First Move Hip Jump
  • Playing to the Crowd
    • Porn Star
    • Body Sweeps
    • Man's Rondť
    • How'd She Get There?
    • Counter-Balanced Sweep
    • High Kneel
  • Getting Close
    • Kneeling Lambada
    • "Hard To Get"/Dominator
    • Cross-Hand Hand Shimmy
  • Doing the Unexpected
    • Smooth Sidings
    • Lady's Windmill
    • Where'd She Go?
    • Pop-up
  • Going Down
    • Back Lay/Seducer
    • Promenade Drop
    • Double Dip
    • Snake
  • Working the Slot
    • Waist Blocks
    • Pull By/Walk Away
    • Blocked Returns
    • Lazy California Twirls
  • Playing Around
    • Flip Flops
    • Man's Spinning Top
    • False Offers
    • Basket Spins
    • Comb/Uncomb
  • Going for a Spin
    • Spinning Back Pass
    • Free Spins
    • Spin Turn/Pose
    • Shoulder Pull Lunge
  • Walking Around
    • In & Out Shimmies
    • Finger Walk
    • Crab
    • The BFSD
    • Walk Through
  • Take Some Space
    • Train Triples
    • First Move Double Cross
    • The Long Walk
  • Different Endings
    • Drape
    • Basket Sit
    • Spin & Sit
    • Kiss
    • Navel Gaze

The vast majority of the moves are aimed at increasing your freestyle repertoire so that you can have fun on the dance floor. However, there are a few choreographed moves to give you some ideas if you are thinking of competing, or would just like to look flashy with your regular partner.

John and Karen Sweeney are freelance Modern Jive teachers, running workshops for countless organizations across the UK, Australia, New Zealand and America. Their successes include multiple Double Trouble championships, Aerials medals and being Jive Masters finalists.

John is renowned for his clear and detailed teaching style. His previous DVDs include the best seller, The Modern Jive Tool Kit and Double Trouble Volumes 1, 2 & 3.

Feedback on Johnís other DVDs includes:

  • "Your DVD is really great! Your teaching method is excellent and your explanations are very thorough. Well done!"
  • "Excellent teacher with a solid focus on technique."
  • "I really liked the Modern Jive Toolkit; I have a feeling it will become the Modern Jive bible for dancers."
Now you can benefit from this superb personal tuition.

Order on-line or order by post if you wish to pay by cheque.

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