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Ceroc UK Intermediate DVDs

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Ceroc Classics - The 24 Fundamental Intermediate Moves DVD

The "Classic" moves are the foundation to your dancing.

Master these 24 moves and you will have a strong grasp of the key techniques of our dance.

By learning these moves at your own pace, you will find the intermediate classes much easier to digest.

Looking great on the dance floor is not as tricky as you first thought!

Add 24 new moves to your repertoire.

Learn eight smooth flowing routines.

Understand better how moves link together.

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  • Moves:
    • Basket
    • Basket Winder
    • DH Return Shoulder Turnout
    • Wurlitzer
    • Basic Changing Places
    • Pretzel
    • Almost Pretzel
    • Open Pretzel
    • Neckbreak
    • Closed Neckbreak
    • Left Handed Eight
    • Inside First
    • High First Block
    • High First Mambo
    • Travelling Block Turn
    • Sway
    • Sway Spinout
    • Shouldersway Switch
    • Catapult
    • Catapult Turnout
    • Yoyo
    • Double Handed Yoyo
    • Right Handed Caress
    • Accordion Cleaver
  • Routines:
    • Linking
    • Eight Routines using the moves on this DVD
Ceroc UK Intermediate DVD

Add some spice to your freestyle by learning our favourite selection of Intermediate moves.

We all enjoy discovering new moves. This DVD is a step up from your "Classic" moves and will offer something for new Intermediates and seasoned dancers alike.

Within Ceroc you can enjoy over 700 Intermediate moves. Explore our 30 favourites, including Showstoppers, Spins, Stops & Blocks, Fancy Footwork, Tricks & Transfers and Smooth Flow.

Focus on one or two moves at a time, practice them in your venues, and supersize your repertoire!

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  • Sassy Spins:
    • Yoyo Spinning Top
    • Secret & Spin
    • Pretzel Comb
    • Flingy Flung Spin Out
    • Wrap Turnout
  • Showstoppers:
    • Comb Lean
    • High First Armroll Seducer
    • Sway Left Handed Turnout
    • Cross Handed Spin & Drop
    • High First Tango Twist
  • Fancy Footwork:
    • First Move Walkthrough
    • Penguin Mambo
    • High First Syncopated
    • Cross Step Swizzle
    • Shouldersway About Face
  • Blocks & Barriers:
    • Shouldersway Switch Back Block
    • Yoyo Barrier Comb
    • Wurlitzer Wind Switch
    • Swizzle Shoulderlock
    • Cerocspin Combo
  • Tricks & Transfers:
    • Shouldersway Illusion
    • High First Lever
    • Left Handed Duckspin Comb
    • Basket Unwind Forwards
    • Basket Switch Sway
  • Smooth Flow:
    • Flamenco First
    • Neckbreak Mambo
    • Closed Neckbreak Turnout
    • Lever Sway
    • Hatchflick Caress
Ceroc UK New Moves Volume 1 DVD

49 new moves that have been added to the Ceroc teaching syllabus.

Ceroc takes it inspiration from the vast spectrum of other dance forms. What's also really exciting about learning to dance with Ceroc is that we don't stand still; the dance is constantly evolving.

This DVD is easy to follow and includes a demo and slow teach for each of the 49 new moves.

The moves are a mix of easy, medium and hard Intermediate-level moves.

These moves are really only suitable for people that are comfortable with the Intermediate classes.

Out of Stock
Out of Stock

We have taken the most new and exciting moves across the globe and put them together in one easy to navigate DVD.

  • Smooth Moves:
    • Basket Pull Round the Back
    • Closed Neckbreak Anti Clockwise
    • Lady’s Nelson Sway
    • Left Handed Armroll Walkaround
    • Shoulder Basket Turn Out
    • Shoulder Sway Comb Almost Pretzel
    • Shoulder Sway Comb Step Under
    • Teapot Basket
    • Nelson Pretzel Walkaround and Back
  • Dynamic Leads:
    • Man’s Hook Turn
    • Basket Man’s Pivot
    • Cross Handed Armroll (Bottle Opener)
    • DHR Man’s Turn First Move
    • Man’s Duck Tuck Spin
    • Travelling Half Nelson Shoulder Caress
    • Cross Handed Block Turn Duck Bounce
    • Arm Lock Turn Out
  • FreeSTYLES:
    • Pretzel Caress
    • Secret Bow Tie Cleaver
    • The Rocks
    • New Yorkers
    • Close Hold Walkaround Lazy Lady
    • Neckbreak Illusion
  • Whips:
    • Decapitator
    • Sway Left Handed turn Out Stop and Go
    • Sway Sling Shot
    • Travelling Shoulder Sway Spin Out
    • Whip Spin Out
    • First Move Walk Through Backpass Hookspin
    • Slotted Basket
  • Counter Balances/Leans:
    • Armroll Sit Swing
    • First Move Elbow Lean (Lean Optional)
    • Shoulder Seducer
    • Sway Blocks
    • Comb Forward Lean
    • Sway Back Lean
    • Wurlitzer Lean
  • Footwork:
    • First Move West Coast
    • Secret Syncopated Slide
    • Double Handed Caress Half Mambo
  • Tricks:
    • Secret Arm Trap
    • Wurlitzer Lean Cat Sit
    • Accordion Lever Turn
    • First Move Turn and Slide
    • Secret Shoulderlock Duck
Note: There are only 45 menu items in the list above, but many of them are combinations of multiple moves, so the actual total number of moves depends on how you count them.
Ceroc UK New Moves Volume 2 DVD

It's back! The 30 freshest moves to be added into the Intermediate syllabus are now brought together on one DVD.

With a constant stream of incredible teaching talent being introduced to Ceroc, we are never short of new moves. If you want to know what's hot on the dance floor, then look no further!

This easy to follow DVD breaks each move down into bite-size chunks and then provides a range of top technical tips to help you lead and follow the move with confidence and flair.

Broken down into a range of ability levels, it is simple to find the moves which best suit you. So whether you are a new intermediate dancer or a seasoned pro, there will be plenty for you to practice and try out on the dance floor!


We have taken the most new and exciting moves across the globe and put them together in one easy to navigate DVD.

  • Mild - Simple Intermediate:
    • Backhanded First
    • Catapult Turnout Recurring
    • Cerocspin Shoulderhook
    • Cross Octopus Cleaver
    • First Move Walkout
    • Lever Sway Unwind Forwards
    • Nelson First
    • Step Across Almost Pretzel
    • Sway Roller Anticlockwise
    • Swizzle Hook Return
  • Spicy - Intermediate Plus:
    • Basket Switch Back Block First
    • Closed Neckbreak Returnout
    • Comb Duck Swizzle
    • Cross-Handed Sling Spin
    • Left-Handed Armroll Caress
    • Reverse Catapult Sway Walkaround
    • Secret Sizzle Nelson Spinout
    • Shouldersway About Face Comb
    • Travelling Comb Cerocspin
    • Travelling Left-Handed Sway Switch
  • HOT - Advanced Challenges:
    • Accordion Turn and Drop
    • Armlock Manspin Mambo
    • Armroll Tornado
    • Mambo Five Step
    • Neckbreak Mambo Seducer
    • Open Hatchflick Caress
    • Shouldersway Round the World
    • Swizzle Basket Nose Dive
    • Travelling Man's Wrap Turnout
    • Travelling Shouldersway About Face

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