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All the information below was taken from official Carcassone sources:


Carcassonne's rules are very well written, but some people still have queries. Also, if you add multiple extensions the rules can get quite complicated as parts which were not intended to interact with one another may do so in complex or ambiguous ways.


Most of this is taken from the rule clarification provided at, but of course that is in German. Hopefully the information below will help you understand the rules and prevent any arguments.


Hunters & Gatherers FAQ


Please note that although the forests in Hunters & Gatherers and the cities in Carcassonne seem very similar, there are two substantial differences in how they are scored.


Difference 1: The gold nuggets in that forests do not correspond to the pennants in the cities. Gold nuggets don't provide any extra points. The value of the gold nugget is that completing a forest gets you a bonus tile.


Difference 2: Forests are scored per forest segment; cities are scored per tile. Thus if a tile has two forest segments on it, and both segments are in the forest being valued, then that tile is worth 2 points.



Q. If I play a tile which completes more than one forest at the same time, do I get more than one bonus tile?


A: No. You can only ever get one bonus tile per turn, regardless of how many forests you complete, either with your initial tile or your bonus tile. Playing your bonus tile takes place in the same turn, so no extra bonus tiles are awarded.



Q: The rules state that only 2-segment forests don't get bonus cards. But the bonus cards themselves don't have gold nuggets on them. If I complete a forest of three or more segments using some bonus cards, and the forest has no gold nuggets, then do I get a bonus card?


A: No. The statement in the rules is inaccurate. You only get a bonus card if the forest has at least one gold nugget.



The King & The Scout

There is one expansion set for Hunters & Gatherers. The King & The Scout provides some extra tiles for Carcassonne and some extra tiles for Hunters & Gatherers.


The tiles for Hunters & Gatherers are

  • Scout
  • Shaman
  • Hunter on Bridge
  • Dug-Out
  • Agriculture


Here is some clarification on the use of these tiles.


Q: If I have the Shaman do I return a tribe member to my supply at the beginning or the end of my turn? That is, can I remove a man and play him on the same turn?


A: Yes. The rules don't prevent it, so you may take a tribe member back at any time in your turn. If you take it back at the beginning of your turn you can play it on the same turn.



Q: Dug-out: The English translation says "as many points as the largest lake on this river has fish". The original German just seems to say "as many points as the largest lake has fish". Is it the largest lake on the river or the largest lake on the river-system?


A: The intention was that it should be the largest lake on the river-system.



Q: Can I choose whether I play a hut or a hunter on the Agriculture tile?


A: No. You must play a hut.



Q: Can I place a hut on the Agriculture tile if there is already a hunter in the meadow.


A: No. The placement of the hut on the Agriculture tile is governed by the rules for hunter placement. You must place the Agriculture tile in an empty meadow.



Q: If I place a hut on the Agriculture tile, does the hut get me points for the animals in the meadow?


A: No. Only hunters score for animals.



Q: Once I have placed the hut on the Agriculture tile, can anyone place a hunter in that meadow?


A: No. But of course you may connect two (ore more) meadows later in the game, as usual. Then you could have a hut getting points for the size of the meadow and a hunter scoring for the animals.



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