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The Modern Jive Toolkit - Free Video on YouTube
The Ultimate Guide to Smooth Jiving

Improve your dancing with the
biggest selection of hints and tips
you've ever seen:
Lead & Follow
Balance & Tension
Safe Drops, Leans & Lambadas
PLUS loads of great moves!

Learn all the trade secrets you need to help you become a great dancer!

All Online Classes Now Free On YouTube!

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This DVD sold out a long time ago, but the content is now available for free on YouTube!
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Download Dips & Drops, Leans & Lunges, Lambadas & Seducers: Safety First!" for lots more information about how to execute moves safely.

Everything you always wanted to know about Modern Jive, but were afraid to ask, taught by champion dancers John & Karen Sweeney. This is the one that teaches you the techniques you need to help you perfect the moves on all the other Videos!

The video also includes exercises to help you to perfect the techniques and great moves to practice them with - some of them are unusual moves that you wonít find anywhere else. Plus hints and tips on how to overcome common faults.

Spinning is covered in detail, not just the basics but multiple spins and travelling spins as well.

There are four drops taught in the video, and the technique you learn here will help you as you expand your repertoire so that you can do all your drops effectively and safely.

Once you have mastered the basic techniques you can work through the sections on smooth footwork, smooth moves, and smooth lead & follow to perfect your Modern Jive.

John and Karen Sweeney are freelance Modern Jive teachers, running workshops for countless organisations across the UK, Australia, New Zealand and America. Their successes include multiple Double Trouble championships, Aerials medals and being Jive Masters finalists.

Johnís clear and detailed teaching means that you can benefit from nearly two hours of excellent personal tuition

Unsolicited Comments on The Modern Jive Toolkit

Roy (Stylz Jive):
"Thought it was excellent. I particularly liked the way you gave terminology to each aspect of modern jive. I found this so helpful. I have been teaching for about 6 years now. Sometimes you know what you want to put across but the way to describe exactly what you want to say, without causing any misunderstanding, can be difficult. I thought the clear way you described the various aspects of lead & follow was brilliant.
"Every teacher should watch this."

Steve (Corporate Dance Company ):
"I was impressed by your DVD it was very informative and echoes my feelings about what new and other dancers need to know."
And "I have now seen the DVD all the way through and I think that it is even better than before as it informs us more mature dancers who may, may mark you, have thought we knew it all."

Janice (Northern Jive):
"The DVD is really good for all levels of dancers - I've been dancing 10 years and I was surprised how much I learned from watching it."

Nikki & David (Want2Dance Burton):
"Just wanted to say we thought the "Toolkit" DVD was very good - not just because it reinforced so much of our own personal approach with teaching smooth Modern Jive, but as an invaluable tool for Beginners and more experienced dancers alike."

David Cronshaw:
"I really like the John Sweeney DVD 'Modern Jive Toolkit' - I have a feeling that this will become a Modern Jive 'bible' for intermediate dancers."

Richard Brown:
"I would just like to take this opportunity to say how much I appreciate yours and John's "Modern Jive Toolkit" DVD. It really is an excellent guide to dancing modern jive with more style. I have found John's emphasis on "the gentle hand" very sound advice, particularly when dancing with more experienced partners."

Teri Collingwood (JiveRoc Modern Jive):
"I just love your Modern Jive Toolkit DVD - it's my go-to for pearls of wisdom and it has helped me help the lovely dancers."

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