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John & Karen Sweeney

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John & Karen Sweeney are based in the UK and dance at Ceroc and other Modern Jive clubs regularly.

John has been dancing since he was 16 (yes, that is quite a long time ago!). John has been teaching various forms of dance for over 50 years. He started doing Modern Jive in 1996 when Ceroc finally reached his home town and often danced it two or three nights a week, at venues all over the country - wherever his work took him.

Dancing has been a passion for Karen since she was inspired by the film "West Side Story". She has danced ever since: Jive, West Coast Swing, Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Ballroom, Salsa, Bachata, Urban/Street & Hip-Hop, Swing/Lindy and Blues. Karen now dances her own style of Modern Jive using influences from all of these genres. Karen has been demonstrating on workshops with John since 2001 and loves travelling and meeting dancers who, like her, are still looking for new styles and ideas.

John started teaching Modern Jive in 1999 and has taught for many different organizations all over the UK, USA (including Hawaii!), Spain, France, Australia and New Zealand, his biggest classes so far being Double Trouble workshops for over 400 dancers at big weekend events.

After attending some Double Trouble workshops in 1999, John started studying, practicing and choreographing Double Trouble moves and principles with anyone prepared to dance with him; he now teaches Double Trouble at all levels for many organizations, focussing on the basic principles which make it easy to lead and follow Double Trouble in freestyle, but also including many complex and advanced moves.

John also teaches a wide range of other workshops covering areas such as lifts (including social lifts, suitable for a crowded dance floor), close moves, drops & seducers, lead & follow, style & technique, smooth jive and flashy freestyling.

Shades! (John, Frances Browning & Karen HiIlier) won the Ceroc UK Double Trouble Championships (London) in 2001 and the UK Open Jive Double Trouble Championships (Blackpool) in 2002; John got the Silver Medal with Donna Van Roose - the Pocket Rocket - in the 2002 UK Open Jive Air Steps competition (Blackpool). John and Karen Sweeney were finalists in the 2004 Jive Masters competition. John, Karen Sweeney and Linda Ford won the Double Trouble at BritRoc 2004 - The British Open LeRoc Championships. Karen Sweeney and Greg Davidson won the Dance With A Stranger at the Masked Ball of the East in 2006.

Some Workshops Taught by John Sweeney

John Sweeney is a freelance Modern Jive teacher. If you would like him to teach as a guest teacher at your event, or to teach at a weekend workshop for you then contact him on 07802 940 574 or john@modernjive.com.

If you are not an organizer then either contact your local organizer and ask them to contact John, or e-mail John with details and he will contact them.

Some sample workshops are described below, but John is happy to tailor the workshops to your requirements.

Definitive Drops

A variety of interesting Dips & Drops, Leans & Lunges, Lambadas & Seducers - how to do them smoothly, safely and stylishly!

Drops & Lifts for Freestyle

Make your freestyle eye-catching by adding stylish drops and amazing lifts that are safe to perform on the social dance-floor!

Hot Moves

Learn how to dance slowly and sensationally with some slinky, sexy moves. Look into your partnerís eyes and move a little closer!

Flashy Freestyling

Expand your repertoire in new directions with a wide variety of stylish moves and techniques. Learn to stand out on the dance floor!

Modern Jive Toolbox

Lead & Follow - Style & Techniques to Improve Your Dancing - Tension & Balance - Spinning - How to Make Your Partner Smile!

Double Trouble

1 Man dancing with 2 Ladies! Learn all the basics plus how to lead and follow a wide range of moves including double seducers.

Advanced Double Trouble

An extravaganza of show-stopping Double Trouble moves for those brave enough to try them. Master these and add that "Wow!" factor to your dancing!
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